We are constantly bombarded by messaging and advertising–online, on TV, on the radio, on our phones, in the mail, etc. “Buy this”, “Don’t buy that”, “Our product will change your life!” But how do we evaluate the success of a company’s efforts to reach us? We’ve got some good information about targeting the right audience, and we know social media helps get a message out. Like traditional advertising, however, social media campaigns can become tired. 

The article linked below contains information about successful (and different) social media campaigns. Next week we’ll be looking at products, social media and the Super Bowl, so this activity will be a good way to whet your appetite and get your gears turning.

In your groups, head over to I will assign you one of the stories to research. Get a feel for the company, what they did with social media, and why their particular campaign was successful. Be able to talk about:

  • The campaign (give a summary to the rest of the class)
  • Which social media they used
  • Significant outcome(s) from the campaign
  • Why the campaign successful
  • Why was social media a better choice than traditional media (print ads, postcards, newspaper, etc.)?

Find a blog that is published by a company or organization you’re interested in. In a Word document, list the blog’s:

  • URL (web address you used to access the blog)
  • Title
  • Header Description

Then, give the blog a new title, write a new header/description, and write a post on a topic of your choosing for the blog as if you were writing for the company/organization.

This is due before lunch on Thursday. I’ll review and answer questions in the comments section.

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Now that we have the basics of blogging tackled, I’m curious to know what will make this part of our class more meaningful to you. Please answer the question posed in the poll below:

Please take some time to review this article:, then answer the following questions in a 1-page, double-spaced paper:

  • What is your reaction to the article/situation?
  • How did the use of social media play a role in bringing this incident to the forefront?
  • How might the situation be different if social media did not exist?

Feel free to review other news sources on this topic and include insight from those article(s). If you do use other article(s), please include a link when you turn in a hard copy of your paper on Thursday, January 17. Post questions/concerns in the comments section and I will answer them there.

Thanks for a great first day!

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My goal is to make each of you more social-media savvy, while teaching you new ways to interact with and participate in the world around you. Have a great semester!